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  • Arroz de Marisco – Seafood Rice

    A Mozambican friend of mine made this tasty dish which, she said, originated from Portugal. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony until 1975. It is a simpler version of the Spanish paella as it uses only seafood such as prawns, mussels, clams… The seafood I used for this recipe is a mix of frozen prawns and […]

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  • Spicy Cabbage with a sprinkle of Burghul (Marshoosheh)

    This dish is very easy and quick to cook. As you already know, cabbage is part of the world healthiest food. It is a very good source of many vitamins and minerals and we should eat cabbage as often as we can. It is a Lebanese vegetarian dish usually cooked without tomatoes but I prefer […]

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  • Poulet Basquaise (French Basque Chicken Casserole)

    This dish is a speciality of the French Pays Basque, situated in the Pyrénées mountains, between France and Spain. It is easy to cook, rich in colours and full of flavours. The main seasoning in this delicious dish is the “Piment d’Espelette”, a smoky chili pepper which is also a staple for most Basque recipes. […]

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  • Sautéed cauliflower with herbs

    Cauliflower is amongst the healthy vegetables that we should eat… often! This recipe is tasty, not fatty and quick to cook, unlike the classic cauliflower cheese. Served hot or warm, it is a good side dish. And you can use the herbs you like best, if those mentioned in the recipe do not appeal to you.

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  • Baked Sea Bream, My Style

    Fish is not my favourite food but lately I decided I should give it a try so this my first inspired fish casserole. However, strangely, I love smoked salmon, herring roll mops and all kinds of seafood! My husband suggested two kinds of fish: sea bass and sea bream because, he said, they don’t have […]

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