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  • Banana Pancakes

    This recipe has been sent to me by my daughter-in-law, Fatima, who loves pastry making and baking. I tried it. It is very good, great for breakfast but also with afternoon tea. Serve them with a fruit compote, a drizzle of maple syrup, honey or with sliced bananas and a dusting of caster sugar.

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  • Ceviche (Marinated Raw Fish)

    Ceviche was on the menu of my own Tex-Mex restaurant in Mali, back in the 90’s. It became a big hit with the customers when they were told that the raw fish in this delicate dish was in fact “cooked” by the lime juice. You can use fresh or frozen fish fillets such as haddock, […]

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  • Shakshuka (Chakchouka)

    This recipe is Tunisian but also popular all over North Africa. You can prepare it with any colour of bell peppers (green, yellow, red). I used the 3 colours. My recipe does not contain eggs but you can add them after the peppers have been cooked, by breaking eggs over the ragout (poaching) and baking the whole thing […]

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  • Hommos (purée of chickpeas with tahini)

    Hommos is part of the Lebanese mezze and has become, in the recent years, one of the most known side dishes abroad. You can buy it ready made in most supermarkets in Europe but the home made one, made from scratch, will taste best! For this, I always use the dried chickpeas instead of the […]

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  • Mizeria – A Polish Radish & Cucumber Salad

    This salad is done with cucumbers only or with both cucumbers and radishes. It’s very popular throughout Poland! This fresh, crunchy, peppery, creamy and delicious salad is a good accompaniment to any meat, poultry or fish dish.  Most of all it is very quick to prepare!  

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