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Baked Lamb Kebbe

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  • Green Peas, Carrots and Lamb Shanks Stew

    This is another Lebanese dish, hearty, easy to cook and full of goodies. it is tastier if cooked with lamb shanks because of the bone but you can use any other lamb cuts or even use beef instead. it is usually served with “Vermicelli” rice. The recipe of this will be published soon after this […]

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  • Fattet Batinjen – Eggplant with Yogurt and Pine Nuts

    This is a classic Lebanese recipe. It is appetizing, distinctive, delicious, healthy and, last but not least, vegetarian. Since it involves frying the eggplants, I would suggest the use of an air fryer. With an air fryer you only coat the eggplants with very little of oil !  And you get the same result as […]

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  • Tubers and Root Vegetables Creamy Mash

    This is a healthy and tasty mash done with four vegetables instead of one. It accompanies any meat or poultry and almost fulfills your quota of “5 a day”! You can also use turnips, Jerusalem artichokes and celeriac.

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  • Loubié Bizeit ( Flat Beans in Tomato Sauce)

    This dish must be made with the flat and stringless beans known as Helda or Romano beans. They are flavoursome and are great cooked with tomato sauce (our recipe) or just cooked in water then seasoned with garlic, lemon and olive oil (served as a warm salad). Before cooking them, you need to cut the […]

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  • Texan-Mexican (Tex-Mex) Chicken Drumsticks and Rice

    The cuisine that is called Tex-Mex comes from Texans of Mexican heritage who lived in Texas before it became part of USA and also from Mexican immigrants who came later, largely from Northern Mexico. It is basically Mexican but has some variations and tends to be less hot and complex than traditional Mexican. This Tex-Mex […]

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