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Baked Lamb Kebbe

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  • Creamy Baked Vegetables

    This recipe is ideal to make you and your family eat 5 vegetables in one go, with a nice creamy sauce, all oven baked. I saw the initial recipe in a magazine and it looked appetising enough to try it. But I did not have all the ingredients (because of the Covid19 lockdown) so I […]

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  • Chicken and Wild Rocket Salad

    This salad is easy and quick to prepare. I was inspired to do it when, one day, I only had one chicken breast left in my freezer (not enough to prepare my usual chicken escalopes) and, when foraging in my fridge, I found a little bag of wild rocket and a handful of cooked chickpeas. […]

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  • Green Beans and Lamb Ragout (Yakhnet Loubieh)

    In the Lebanese cuisine, you can add almost any vegetable to some meat (beef or lamb) and cook a tasty ragout. These stews are usually made with tomato sauce, onions, garlic and seasoned mainly with these spices: allspice, cinnamon and pepper. The vegetables that can be used with the tomato sauce are: any type of […]

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  • Fattet Batinjen – Eggplant with Yogurt and Pine Nuts

    This is a classic Lebanese recipe. It is appetizing, distinctive, delicious, healthy and, last but not least, vegetarian. Since it involves frying the eggplants, I would suggest the use of an air fryer. With an air fryer you only coat the eggplants with very little of oil !  And you get the same result as […]

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  • Lentils, Swiss Chard and Lemon Soup – Adass Bi Hamod

    This Lebanese vegetarian/vegan soup is a meal on its own! You can eat it in winter, served warm, or in summer, served at room temperature or cold. It’s also a favourite dish during lent. It’s usually served with Lebanese flat bread and a side platter of spring onions, radishes, rocket, watercress and/or other greens such […]

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