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  • Crêpes Suzette – French Pancakes with Orange Sauce

      Sweet crêpes are one of my favourite desserts. They are easy to make and you can fill them with what ever you like. But crêpes Suzette with their sweet orange sauce are the most known dessert crêpes. They were made famous in France. The original recipe includes the use of orange liqueur to flambé […]

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  • Pakoras (Indian Veggie fritters)

    Pakoras are quite popular in India, especially as a street food. The main ingredient is the gram flour (chickpea flour) mixed with rice flour or wheat flour, vegetables of your choice, Indian spices and herbs. In this recipe, as vegetables, I have used a leftover of mashed potatoes, grated courgettes and scallions. Pakoras are ideal as a snack, […]

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  • Brown Mushroom soup

    To make this rich and delicious soup, I use 2 types of mushrooms: dried porcini (or fresh if available!) and chestnut mushrooms. The porcini mushrooms are a must. They will give an incredible taste and aroma to this soup. In Poland, the soup is done entirely with porcini mushrooms which grow in the forests, when […]

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  • Mushrooms Stifado – Greek Mushrooms stew

    I have been told that there are many variations of this hearty vegan & vegetarian stew. This recipe is the one that was given to me while in Greece. It can be made with any type of mushrooms. It is simple to make and really tasty if you like mushrooms. It can be served as […]

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  • Wild Garlic Pesto

    Spring is the season of the wild garlic. In Britain we forage for wild garlic in old woodlands and riverbanks. It grows in abundance in damp grounds. They are entirely edible but, to preserve it, don’t uproot the bulbs, pick only the leaves and flowers. The benefits of this wild plant are numerous! The most […]

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