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  • Frijoles a la Mexicana – Mexican Pinto beans

    Vegetarian “Mexican Pinto Beans” is the perfect nourishing dish that has it all: good taste, essential nutrients, low fat, high fibre and high protein (perfect substitute for meat). Pinto Beans are very popular in Mexico and are a common filling for burritos (wheat tortillas filled with various ingredients). Check my burrito recipe which will be […]

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  • Guacamole – Mexican Mashed Avocado

    i believe Guacamole, which is made mainly of avocados (native to Mexico), is one of the most famous Mexican dishes. It was created by the ancient Aztecs and is now very popular around the world. Avocados are tasty and known to be of high nutritional value. You can eat Guacamole as a salad, a spread […]

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  • Fattoush – Traditional Lebanese Mixed Salad

    This is another famous Lebanese salad that initially was made by peasants to use up leftover raw greens, herbs, tomatoes…. and, last but not least, old (dry) Lebanese flat bread. Nowadays, it is very popular and to make it, we toast the bread (Some even fry the bread) then tear it into bite size pieces. […]

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  • Potato and Egg Medley

    This is quite a simple meal usually made by the Lebanese housewife when she doesn’t have the time to cook a normal meal but still needs to have something healthy enough to feed her family. It has only few ingredients: potatoes, eggs, olive oil and seasonings. It is eaten with some herbs (fresh mint, fresh […]

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  • Hommos (purée of chickpeas with tahini)

    Hommos is part of the Lebanese mezze and has become, in the recent years, one of the most known side dishes abroad. You can buy it ready made in most supermarkets in Europe but the home made one, made from scratch, will taste best! For this, I always use the dried chickpeas instead of the […]

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