My Cooking and Kitchen Tips – Part 1

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to gather some useful tips that I have applied in my kitchen and in my cooking! I hope these tips will be as helpful for you as they have been for me!

Basil:🍃to preserve the aroma and colour of basil leaves, Pound them and add them to your cooking at the very last moment.

Peeling:🍴for an easy peeling of boiled vegetables such as potatoes or beetroots, plunge them in cold water right after they are cooked.

Butter:🧈if butter gets rancid, save it by sticking in it a raw carrot which will be kept for at least 3 or 4 hours.

Aubergines or eggplants:🍆this vegetable is known to be highly oil absorbent when fried. To stop this, coat the aubergine slices with egg white before frying.

Eggs:🥚to facilitate the separation of the yolk from the white, break the egg in a funnel placed over a bowl. The yolk will stay in the funnel.

Hot drink:🥃 before pouring a very hot drink in a glass, place a small spoon in it, to avoid the glass to crack.

Bread or brioche:🥯🍞 to refresh any bread or brioche, wrap it up in baking paper that has been wet, then place in a hot oven for few minutes.

Caramel:🍯you will never miss doing a good caramel if you use the following proportions: 5 spoonfuls of sugar for 1 spoonful of water. To keep it liquid, add few drops of lemon or vinegar.

Nasturtiums:🌷at the end of the season, don’t throw away the seeds which are similar to capers. As you would do for the capers, add some salt to disgorge them then drain them and place them in a jar. Cover them with boiling hot vinegar and flavour them to your liking. They will be a perfect substitute for capers. Also remember that nasturtium leaves and flowers are very nice in a salad.

Carrots:🥕 add 1 teaspoon of sugar when boiling carrots. They will be tastier.

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