Recipes from Ingredient: Kielbasa (Polish sausage)

Pork Filet, Smoked Sausage and Mushroom Casserole

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This is a high protein double meat dish, ideal for family and friends gatherings!

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Lentils and Sausage Casserole

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For this recipe use green or brown lentils and, if possible, SMOKED turkey or pork sausages such as Kielbasas. It’s a wholesome dish, perfect for midweek meals!

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Choucroute Garnie – Cooked Sauerkraut

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Sauerkraut means sour cabbage in German and while it is considered a German staple, it is also popular in neighbouring countries such as France (specifically the Alsace region), Poland and other Eastern European countries. You can buy fermented Sauerkraut in any supermarket, or make it yourself. A good reference is ...

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