Recipes from Ingredient: Breadcrumbs

Muhamarra – Roasted Walnuts and Red Peppers Dip and Spread

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Muhamarra is a delicious dip made mainly of roasted walnuts, red peppers & breadcrumbs. It originated in Aleppo and is widely used in both Syrian and Lebanese Mezzehs! It’s also a delicious spread and a nice accompaniment to grilled meat dishes! The name means « reddened » in Arabic and it comes ...

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Creamy Baked Vegetables

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This recipe is ideal to make you and your family eat 5 vegetables in one go, with a nice creamy sauce, all oven baked. I saw the initial recipe in a magazine and it looked appetising enough to try it. But I did not have all the ingredients (because of ...

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Polish Style Broccoli

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This recipe was inspired from the Polish dish of steamed cauliflower and butter-fried breadcrumbs that my mother used to make. It is healthy and quick to make. As an alternative, use cauliflower instead of broccoli.

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Potato Croquettes


Croquettes are tasty and look nicer and more elegant than normal mashed potatoes and are a great accompaniment to meat, fish or chicken. They can also be eaten on their own, smothered with a spicy tomato sauce or any other sauce of your choice. Croquettes can be prepared from scratch ...

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