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Muhamarra – Roasted Walnuts and Red Peppers Dip and Spread

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Muhamarra is a delicious dip made mainly of roasted walnuts, red peppers & breadcrumbs. It originated in Aleppo and is widely used in both Syrian and Lebanese Mezzehs! It’s also a delicious spread and a nice accompaniment to grilled meat dishes! The name means « reddened » in Arabic and it comes ...

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Wild Garlic Pesto

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Spring is the season of the wild garlic. In Britain we forage for wild garlic in old woodlands and riverbanks. It grows in abundance in damp grounds. They are entirely edible but, to preserve it, don’t uproot the bulbs, pick only the leaves and flowers. The benefits of this wild ...

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Guacamole – Mexican Mashed Avocado

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i believe Guacamole, which is made mainly of avocados (native to Mexico), is one of the most famous Mexican dishes. It was created by the ancient Aztecs and is now very popular around the world. Avocados are tasty and known to be of high nutritional value. You can eat Guacamole ...

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