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Muhamarra – Roasted Walnuts and Red Peppers Dip and Spread

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Muhamarra is a delicious dip made mainly of roasted walnuts, red peppers & breadcrumbs. It originated in Aleppo and is widely used in both Syrian and Lebanese Mezzehs! It’s also a delicious spread and a nice accompaniment to grilled meat dishes! The name means « reddened » in Arabic and it comes ...

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Batata Chtiha – Algerian Potato in Tomato Sauce

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This Algerian potato stew is usually made with a paste of garlic, chili and spices called Dersa. It’s delicious as a vegetarian main or a side dish. NB: I have added some boiled eggs (entirely optional) to make a wholesome dinner dish! The boiled eggs are added at the very ...

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Itch – Armenian Bulgur Salad aka Armenian Tabbouleh

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Armenian cuisine is connected to the geographical dispersion of its people. On their exodus, the Armenian diaspora picked new ingredients, new flavours and added them to their original homeland cooking. Thousands of Armenians arrived to Lebanon, when the Ottoman Empire started the massacre of their people, between 1915 and 1917. ...

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