Wild Dandelions Salad


No it’s not a mistake, it’s really a salad recipe made with wild dandelions!
In Lebanon, as a young girl, I used to go foraging for dandelions with our Lebanese neighbour who was my mother’s age and helped us sometimes with housework! Thanks to her, I also discovered other healthy wild plants and herbs!

Dandelions are everywhere, mainly in our fields and also in our gardens. In UK, The best time to forage for dandelions is spring because they are still young and less bitter. Their leaves get a bit tougher and more bitter when they flower although their flowers are also edible. At this stage, I would still pick them but will do a cooked salad instead of a raw one or use them in a soup.

Dandelions are a main staple of Mediterranean cuisine and they can even be grown. They have medicinal properties and are packed with just about every nutrient our brains crave (quoting Dr Lisa Mosconi, from Weill Cornell Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic, who wrote the bestseller “Brain Food”).

They are abundant in all sorts of vitamins, minerals, fibre content, and last but not least, they are perfect as nourishment for our friendly gut bacteria.


  • Raw fresh dandelions, picked, washed and shredded
  • Dressing: lemon, garlic , salt and olive oil, to your taste


Step 1

For a raw salad, you only need to prepare the dressing and mix it with the dandelion shredded leaves. For a cooked salad, blanch the dandelions leaves in boiling water for few minutes or until they are completely wilted. when cooled down, add the dressing and serve it at room temperature.

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Comments (2)

  1. posted by tomislav petricevic on May 17, 2021

    today is our 35 year anniversary and my special salad w/be WILD DANDELIONS SALAD which will confuse my husband
    and our FIVE sons as we are in lockdown in Ontario so maybe next year our sons will have a gathering w/friends Thanks ;for the great & easy recipe of course I have to pick the leaves myself as this salad is now in my cookbook& a surprise to my family. SINCERE KIND THANKS FROM CANADA ………………………… BERTHA.

    • posted by Krys on July 9, 2021

      Hi! Thank you for your message! I hope your husband liked it! It is very healthy! X


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