Baked Lamb Kebbe

  • Servings : 6

Kebbe is a popular dish in Lebanon and can be eaten in many forms. The recipe herein is for the simple baked lamb kebbe.

It is usually prepared with lamb, or beef, but you can also prepare it with turkey meat (I did it for some of my friends who do not eat red meat and it was quite good, and tasted the same).


  • 500g of Lamb meat, diced
  • 300g of Burghul (soaked in water beforehand)
  • 1 big onion or 2 medium
  • 1 handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tbsp of allspice
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1 tsp of white pepper
  • 1 tsp of turmeric (healthy supplement)
  • Salt, to taste


Step 1

In a food processor, mince first the onions and mint leaves then add the lamb meat (or beef or turkey), the seasonings and 2-3 ice cubes. Whirl long enough to obtain a paste consistency.

Step 2

Remove from the food processor and now add the Burghul (squeeze all the water from it) to this meat mixture and work it like a dough until the burghul and the meat have blended.

Step 3

Oil an oven dish and flatten the kebbé evenly, make a whole in the middle (with your finger), draw lightly a pattern on the surface (see photo), cover with olive oil and bake until golden brown.

Step 4

As an accompaniment, prepare a yogurt, cucumber, mint and garlic mix; or a green salad.

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